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Discover impactful initiatives that define Zimpah Foundation's mission. From education and health to entrepreneurship and community development, our services are tailored to empower lives in the Savannah Region. Join us in creating a brighter future through compassion and lasting transformation.

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Discover the essence of Zimpah Foundation through impactful initiatives in education, health, entrepreneurship, and community development. Join us in creating positive change and empowering lives.


Engaging in awareness campaigns to shed light on crucial issues affecting our communities, collaborating with local and national authorities to tackle systemic challenges, and mobilizing support for policy changes that positively impact the lives of the underserved.


Offering scholarships and bursaries to ensure access to quality education, providing mentorship programs for students at various academic levels, conducting free vacation tuition programs in rural areas, and organizing computer programming clubs to foster innovation and problem-solving skills.


Providing vocational and technical skills training for sustainable livelihoods, supporting entrepreneurship through start-up initiatives and mentorship, promoting climate-smart agriculture and sustainable practices, and offering resources for personal development, including soft skills and career guidance.

Community Development

Conducting public health education to promote wellness in rural areas, delivering free medical consultations, screenings, and essential healthcare resources, distributing sanitary towels to promote menstrual health among girls, and initiating projects for community sustainability, such as climate education, tree planting, and irrigation.


Explore Zimpah Foundation's key pillars: Advocacy, Education, Empowerment, and Community Development. See how each area contributes to our mission of positive change and lasting impact.

Education Empowerment

Elevating lives through learning, Zimpah Foundation provides scholarships and mentorship to students, organizes free vacation tuitions for rural students, and fosters innovation through computer programming clubs.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Nurturing healthy communities, Zimpah Foundation conducts public health education in rural areas, delivers free medical consultations and screenings, and distributes essential healthcare resources and sanitary towels.

Entrepreneurship Development

Building livelihoods and creating futures, Zimpah Foundation offers vocational and technical skills training, supports start-ups and mentorship programs, and promotes climate-smart initiatives in agriculture.

Community Sustainability Projects

Preserving our future together, Zimpah Foundation educates on climate change and tree planting, implements irrigation projects for sustainable farming, and provides training in beekeeping and animal husbandry practices.


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